Libraries for Health and Wellbeing Launch

The Libraries Change Lives initiative will start a conversation about the value of public libraries and celebrate the essential services they deliver every day.

Libraries are evolving

Collections are more accessible because they’re physical, digital and mobile. They include books, journals, newspapers and magazines,
music and movies, tablets and laptops.
But collections are just part of the story.

Libraries are...

  • Online classrooms

    New skillsets and career pathways are more accessible than ever with the training courses offered online and on public library computers.

    Online classrooms
  • Playgroups

    Public libraries are some of the first social spaces available to young children where they can learn to share, play, read and interact.

  • Social clubs

    Communities are formed in public library spaces with English language conversation classes, book clubs, film societies and networking events.

    Social clubs
  • Art galleries

    Exhibition spaces are open to artists from a range of disciplines to present their work to the community.

    Art galleries
  • Theatres

    Community productions can find their audiences in spaces set up for a range of performances, presentations and recreation classes.

  • Streaming services

    Free streaming services offer access to incredible collections including recent release, arthouse, documentary, classic film and music.

    Streaming services
  • Recording studios

    Budding and established musicians can access recording equipment and spaces, instruments and software to create their next track.

    Recording studios
  • Study desks

    School students don’t always have everything they need to study at home. Public libraries offer free Wi-Fi, computers and spaces to read and think.

    Study desks
  • Boardrooms

    New businesses can find the support they need to grow with bookable office spaces, video conferencing facilities and seminars.

  • Lecture halls

    Public libraries offer an extensive program of talks, panels and seminars from artists, writers, academics and other experts in many subject areas.

    Lecture halls
  • Lounge rooms

    Collections go beyond books to offer everything from gaming systems, and mobile tablets to toys, films and music.

    Lounge rooms
  • Science labs

    Children can explore and learn in STEM programs to develop a fascination that may become a career.

    Science labs

Libraries deliver essential
services to all Victorians

No other institution offers the same safe and inclusive public spaces with free and equal,
life-changing access to art, ideas, education
and social engagement.

Understand what public libraries achieve
for the Victorian community and what we can do to help them thrive:

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public libraries matter.
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